Including Lookout Mountain, Cloudland Canyon State Park and Chickamauga National Military Park in North Georgia

These flowers may be in bloom as of 3-15-2020 at various locations:
VirginiaBluebells TroutLily SharpLobedHepatica
Virginia Bluebells
Mertensia virginica
Trout Lily
Erythronium americanum
Sharp-lobed Hepatica
Anemone acutiloba

This unique hard-back book covers 374 species of common and rare wildflowers found in and around the tri-state area of northwest Georgia, northeast Alabama and southern Tennessee.  The text, written in layman's terms and with flowers classified by color, is designed to help the amateur easily identify them. The book intentionally goes outside the typical "wildflower" definition by including shrubs, trees and vines that are also wild, flowering and attract the attention of the enthusiast.

The Pigeon Mountain region comprises a diverse botanical area including a vast array of wildflowers that flourish in every growing season. It is the home of the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail, a designated natural area on the 21,000+ acre Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildflife Management Area.

Common and scientific names are given for each plant and an alphabetical index of both are included, along with a glossary of scientific terms and a pictorial index of leaf and flower types. The photographs and text are the result of over five years of dedicated work by the author.

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